Benefits of Upscale Conference Room vs Local Coffee Shop

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In the modern business world much emphasis is put upon being comfortable when you are working.
While this works well for overall productivity, when trying to boost the company image, make deals, or interact with different departments, comfort may actually be a hindrance. Making deals at a coffee shop, lunch spot, or other place outside of the office can be a negative influence upon the outcome of the deal.

When one works within a conference room there is an expectation of professionalism.

Everyone within the room knows what is and isn’t appropriate behavior and will usually spend their time within the conference room acting in a professional manner. Meetings held in a more relaxed environment tend to blur these lines and make it difficult for all parties involved to behave appropriately. This can mean work done in these situations is compromised, of lower quality, or even leads to inappropriate conclusions. A conference room also holds a more firm view of the time involved within a project. A coffee shop or restaurant holds an expectation of leaving within an hour or two. For many business transactions, this is simply not enough time to get everything straightened out. This can lead to rushing through important details or even omitting them.

Your Office Hub.

Your Office Hub.

When people enter a conference room they understand what they are getting into. People stay within conference rooms until the goal is met, the details are ironed out, and everyone is happy. This serves to provide better results than a more private location may yield. This also ensures that no one is rushing a deal just to get back to the office or avoid the strange stare of a waitress.

Arrange Your Business Meetings in a Professional Workplace, March 2015 publication by Pat Fernandes, Blogger for Innovative Professional Offices based out of Canada states, “Even if your business has a meeting space, it may be booked for an important client meeting or interview. Renting a boardroom or meeting room allows for flexibility during busy times.”

Working from home can be tempting, but having meetings at one’s home is usually a bad idea. The home is full of distractions, uncontrolled noises, and different levels of comfort. While your living room may feel comfortable to you, it may make a client or co-worker feel uncomfortable. This level of comfort when contrasted with your comfort may lead to the home becoming a hostile work environment in which the best work is not produced.

On the other hand, working within a conference room generally puts everyone within the room at the same levels of comfort and the same levels for negotiation. This allows all involved parties to truly do their best without feeling burdened by negative emotions or feelings of discomfort.
This is also extremely apparent when working around small children or in the company of relatives or spouses.

Overall, the separation between personal and work is important to preserve to get the best quality of work out of all involved parties. This separation allows for all parties to interact in a comfortable, non-distracting, non-limited manner. Removing all of these issues allows the focus to be upon the work at hand and ensures that better solutions are reached. In short, ditch the casual ideas when it comes to important meetings and save them for personal work habits instead.

3 Comments on “Benefits of Upscale Conference Room vs Local Coffee Shop”

  1. Sheila Hensley

    It’s so true Virginia and I’ve enjoyed the conference room at RBC for both meetings and specific courses. So happy to have it available when I need it.

  2. Sherri Henley

    One of the greatest gifts you can give your clients is a warm, professional atmosphere to do business. Coffee has its place…but coffee in a professional surrounding is even better!

  3. David Johnson

    I thought it was a great point that working in a conference room puts everyone at the same level of comfort and negotiation. Personally, I think that it would be beneficial if you work from home or in a more casual work place to look into conference center rentals. That way for really important events you can have that level of professionalism.

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